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Primary concern of E-AGRI.GR is to inform you of your rights and obligations for your convenience in searching for and acquiring products that you wish to purchase from the shop. Moreover, our purpose is to make the terms applying to the rights and obligations of e-agri.gr known to you all who visit our websites.


Prerequisite for the establishment of a cooperation between us, is the provision of some of your personal information. When you place an order, we will ask you, your full name, the address to send the products sold, your phone number, your mobile number, your email address, etc. and if you choose your payments to be made via credit card, its number and expiry date.

e-agri.gr, strictly following the principles of data protection provided by relevant laws and international agreements, will not use your personal data in any way without asking prior approval from you. e-agri.gr will in no way disclose, publish, sell or exchange personal data and information entrusted to us. Exceptionally, your personal information may be publicized by the company, always following the statutory procedure, when required by public authority, court, etc.

e-agri.gr reserves the right to inform their suppliers with sales statistics, but, in no event, will they include personal information that could lead to identification of individuals.

Also, you can proceed to the change of the personal information you provide to us or to restrict or cancel the use of some of these data (e.g. the number of your credit card) by completing the electronic form at any time.


The prices listed next to each product include VAT (13% or 23% depending on the product). These are prices referred to the products in stock in our warehouse. e-agri.gr reserves the right to modify prices without prior notice.

For some regions of Greece where reduced VAT applies, the prices will be reduced accordingly in case an invoice has to be issued.

For exports, the VAT of 23% or 13% will be removed from the price, only in case a commercial invoice can be issued. End users will be billed with the prices as they are mentioned next to each product.



  • Consignments are carried out via Speedex, Geniki Tahydromiki, Expteress Mail Service, Acs, Ems or Tnt for shipments up to 50 kg. (for any domestic or international destination).

  • Above 50 kg or for goods that are stowed on pallets or for dimentions above 50cm X 50cm X 40 cm, we use national or international forwarders


1. Availability: There are clear indications on the availability of our stock for all the products contained in the lists of e-agri.gr. So you can easily find, before placing an order, which of our products are available in stock for immediate delivery, which ones are not directly available but feature a specific delivery date from our suppliers and finally for which of the non-ready available products we expect information on the exact date of their delivery. Nevertheless, you can send us your order even for products not available in our stock and we will contact via e-mail and / or telephone within a reasonable amount of time to inform you of the likely delivery time. In this case, and if you are dissatisfied with the delivery time, you have the right to cancel your order.

In any case, it should be clear that the above delivery time of your order, depends on the availability of the products in our warehouse.

In case of non ready available items, you are kindly requested to let us know whether you want to receive the goods in multiple consignments as the goods become available, or all in one shipment once everything is available.

2. Force Majeure: If, in the event of force majeure (e.g. bad weather, strikes, etc.) we are unable to deliver the goods within the specified time, we will notify you via e-mail, to confirm if you still wish, in these conditions, the completion of your order.

3. Responsibility e-agri.gr: e-agri.gr is not liable for defects or poor quality of products. All products received from suppliers are packed. However, if a product is proven defective, e-agri.gr undertyakes the repair at its own cost.

e-agri.gr is not responsible for any organized attack by hackers in order to steal the users' personal information, but even in this case, credit card users are reassured that the credit card system does not store the CVV code cards.

4. Advertising: e-agri.gr informs users about new products available on the market and any other offers, payment arrangements, etc., by sending advertisements or informative messages to electronic or postal address or by phone. However, e-agri.gr will not overuse the above service. Users, by all means, have the right to stop receiving messages.

5. Cookies: As with most sites on the Internet, e-agri.gr uses cookies to access certain information each time you browse to a web browser in our shop. Without the use of cookies it would be impossible to offer essential services such as order status, personal settings, storing items in cart.

Cookies are alphanumeric files transferred to the hard drive of your computer through the internet so as to offer services such as those mentioned above. You can choose to prevent your browser from accepting new cookies or to ask you each time a new cookie will be installed on your hard disk, on your browser settings. Nevertheless, you should know that if you choose to prevent cookies from being stored on your hard disk, you may not be able to use some of our services.

6. Modification of terms: e-agri.gr reserves the right to modify or renew the terms and conditions of trade.

7. Current Law: All transactions made through e-agri.gr are governed by the International and European law that regulates issues relating to electronic commerce, as well as by the Law on Consumer Protection (Law 2251/1994), which regulates matters on remote sales.


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