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SCREEN (for filter 1")

Screen for plastic filter 1" (60mesh -thick, 120mesh -thin, 150mesh -very fine),
SCREEN (for filter 1")SCREEN (for filter 1")
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Product SKU 04.13-1015-10-00
  • Screen for plastic filter 1" (60mesh-thick, 120mesh-thin,150mesh-very fine).
Κωδικός/CodeΔιαπερατότητα / PermeabilityΧρώμα / Color

Φίλτρομεγάλο / big filter120meshΜΑΥΡΟ/black

Φίλτρομεγάλο / big filter150meshΜΠΛΕ/blue

Φίλτρομικρό / small filter60meshΚΟΚΚΙΝΟ/red

Φίλτρομικρό / small filter120meshΜΑΥΡΟ/black

Φίλτρομικρό / small filter150meshΜΠΛΕ/blue

Φίλτρομεγάλο / big filter60meshΚΟΚΚΙΝΟ/red
Units in box: 10


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